We had a fabulous time with Ilana and Eric on their wedding day at the Point Vicente Interpretive Center in Palos Verdes.
The view of the ocean from the cliffs paired with the strong winds from the sea made for some very dramatic shots! We even
spotted a whale pod in the distance that made the day even more magical. Our favorite part of the day was taking Ilana and
Eric out for their romantics because the wind played so well with their sweet and playful chemistry.

Ilana looked so stunning in a Turkish-made wedding dress and hair and makeup by the girls at Dollhouse. The ceremony
was beautifully officiated by Rabbi Michael SternfieldRestaurant Christine catered a knockout meal and the cake by
Torrance Bakery was both beautiful and delicious!

Eric & Ilana, we wish you the absolute best!
xoxoxo Cean and the team at Cean One Studios, Inc.










How did you two meet?

Meet Jeremy Pangilinan.

An inspirational photographer, climber and mutual friend of Eric and Ilana. Jeremy also turned out to be the matchmaker of this happily
ever after love story. One day in February 2011, Jeremy had made plans to meet Ilana and prior to these arrangements had been climbing
with Eric at our local climbing gym.  Last minute, Jeremy asked for Ilana to meet him at our local java fix, The Coffee Bean,
but Jeremy was not alone.

Ilana met up with Jeremy and Eric. The trio talked about nonsensicle things and amongst these things Jeremy segwayed the conversation
into one about Eric’s upcoming plans to volunteer to save baby sea turtles in Mexico. A volunteer opportunity that just so happened to lie
within a world class surf epicenter, Todos Santos. Eric needed a last minute volunteering partner in crime with surfing experience and within
two weeks time their passports were stamped and they were saving baby sea turtles which was code word for surfing three times a day.

DISCLAIMER: No baby sea turtles were injured in this matchmaking hoopla.




Tell us about your proposal

In Ilana’s words:
0600 on September 11, 2013

After engulfing an American sized large pizza, split between the two of us, we set off for “The [Death] Slabs” approach to the base of Half Dome.
A dehydrating jaunt up the overhyped slabs left us at the base of our nemesis, the NW Face of Half Dome. We arrived just in time to refill our
water at a generous spring and cram the two of us into a one person bivy sack thanks to an unforcasted downpour accompanied by a thunder
and lightning show. The same weather system that gave me an excuse to cuddle (some may call it suffocate) Eric, left a gaggle of climbers on
the face for unplanned bivuoacs on the wall…

…Once the weather calmed we endured multiple episodes of running for cover as the climbers above dropped everything imaginable out of their
packs. As morning approached, while we hesitantly packed up camp, a loud noise indicating something flying at us from the wall above, sent us
flying to the side of the base to avoid being struck. Whatever fell from above, conveniently at first light, was likely dressed in a wingsuit because
we never heard it/he/she meet the ground. The night of endless gear/rock/human hurling left us with a surge of adrenaline and robbed us of the
desire to join the loads of climbers on the face, this time. Eric and I agreed to return at a later date to climb the Regular NW Face of Half Dome
and he set up the camera on a tripod for a self-timer shot, or at least that’s what I thought. Then he got on one knee and proposed! I said YES
and went in for a big kiss. I was so overjoyed and the rest is history.

















Why did you choose Palos Verdes as your wedding location and the Point Vicente Interpretive Center as your venue?

The ocean and outdoors, in general, are a common interest that we are both passionate about. Eric grew up in Palos Verdes,
and Ilana in Laguna Niguel, both beachside locales. So it only was fitting to pick a venue that was representative of their interests
and upbringing – a la the beach. Point Vicente Interpretive Center lies on the bluffs above the ocean in Rancho Palos Verdes.

Fun Fact: The venue is utilized to conduct a census of whales passing through the Catalina channel for six months out of the year and a public
park space for the remaining part of the year.






What do you love most about each other?

Eric loves how outgoing and adventurous Ilana is…

…and Ilana loves Eric’s dedication and athleticism.



Eric and Ilana’s wedding was made possible by the following vendors:

Venue: Point Vicente Interpretive Center
Officiant: Rabbi Michael Sternfield
Makeup: Dollhouse Hair & Makeup
Catering: Restaurant Christine
Cake: Torrance Bakery


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  • Susan Maron - I so enjoyed this visit to your wedding! Thank you for sharing it and may you and Eric enjoy a long life filled with nature, love, peace, and all your heart’s desires! And may you live happily ever after!

It’s not every day we get to photograph extraordinary weddings in exotic locations so we wanted to show off some of our favorites
over the years as our blog post this week. We gathered together the images that really showcase the venue and feel of the day and
you daydreamers will really be transported… Enjoy!

xoxoxo, Cean and the team at Cean One Studios, Inc.

Mammouth Mountain:

Puerto Rico:

Cabo San Lucas, Mexico:

Venice, Italy:

Seoul, Korea:

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I have been looking forward to Jenn’s wedding for the longest time and I think it’s because we have been friends for more than a decade!
Jenn and Chris make the sweetest couple. They bring out the best in each other and it is so endearing.

Their wedding was located at the palatial Rancho Valencia Resort in North County San Diego, one of the most luxurious staycation spots
you can imagine. We loved capturing the glamorous details throughout the ceremony and reception and, of course, their lovely romantics
where we wandered the property discovering one oasis after another.

Rancho Valencia Resort is one of the best venues we’ve had the pleasure to work with and you’ll see why in the photos.
Holly Chavez, we love you. You are a fabulous and hugely talented wedding planner! We had a great time working with Kristin Brand
and Kristy Warner who did bridal hair and makeup. You brought out the bombshell beauty in Jenn! Heather, of Wisteria Grove Florals,
stunned us with pink and cream bouquets and the table arrangements that filled the reception room with a most beautiful fragrance.
The most perfect cake for this wedding was imagined and created by Cakes to Celebrate.

We were so impressed by how seamless the event unfolded so we are sending hugs and a major thank you to everyone involved.

Jenn & Chris, we wish you two the absolute best!
xoxoxo Cean and the Team at Cean One Studios, Inc.

How did you two meet?

We actually met through my brother. Chris and my brother were in the Navy together and he came over to our house one night and we just
clicked. Chris asked my brother if he thought I would go out on a date with him and my brother said no. We started dating June 18, 2011
and Chris left for deployment at the end of July for 8 months.

Being apart and only being able to communicate via email was tough but allowed us to get to know each other on a level that most people
don’t get the opportunity to experience. We have been inseparable ever since.

Tell us about your proposal:

Chris proposed on my 30th birthday at Alexander’s on 30th in Northpark. He not only surprised me with the proposal but my sister
came down from LA and my parents drove down from the Bay Area to be there along with his best friend. It was absolutely amazing!

Why did you choose your venue?

I have been in the wedding industry for the last 10 years and wanted something totally different than all the other weddings I have done
over the years. We both immediately fell in love with the uniqueness of Rancho Valencia. The staff at Rancho Valencia was incredible
and the food was to die for.

What do you love about each other most?

We love that we truly are best friends and soul mates (as cheesy as that sounds).
We push each other to be better and are always there for each other. We have a bond that will stand the test of time and is unbreakable.

Jenn & Chris’ wedding was made possible by the following vendors:

Venue: Rancho Valencia Resort
Wedding Planner: Holly Chavez of HMC Event Solutions
Officiant: Bride’s Uncle
Photography: Cean One Studios, Inc. 
Catering: Rancho Valencia Resort
Bride’s Dress: Lazaro
Bride’s Shoes: INC
Bride’s veil: Marina Morrison in San Francisco
Makeup: Kristin Brand
Hair: Kristy Warne of Feather and Fringe Salon
Floral: Heather of Wisteria Grove
DJ/Music: Devaughn D Entertainment
Cake: Cakes to Celebrate

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We had the complete pleasure photographing and filming Alyx and Mason their stunning wedding at the Mission Inn Hotel and Spa
and we know you’ll enjoy taking a peek into their special day, complete with sweet quotes from Alyx and Mason throughout the post.
Their love for each other and their fabulous family and friends was so profound and beautiful to see. We LOVED capturing their custom
details, lovely romantics, and ceremony which was the perfect balance of personal and traditional and of course had an absolute blast
celebrating the newlyweds by dancing the night away in the Music Room!

The Mission Inn has always been one of our very favorite venues to work and their staff is so professional and efficient, it barely feels
like we’re actually working at all! We think this factor allows us to capture more natural photos and films and we are so thankful that
we got to work with such fabulous vendors such as Dollhouse Hair and Makeup, Alan Meade of 5 Star Mobile DJRiverside Mission
Florist, and ceremony officiated by Jim Granger.

We were so impressed by how seamless everything unfolded and we are sending hugs and a MAJOR Thank You to everyone involved.
Alyx and Mason, we wish you two the absolute best!
xoxoxo Cean and the Team at Cean One Studios, Inc.

How did you two meet?

In our first year at UCLA – we both lived on the same floor in the dorms. Mason is making me write that he always says he looked for
the prettiest girl in the room and the rest is history.

Why did you choose your venue/location?

In our opinion, there is no better place to get married than the historic Mission Inn.

Tell us about your proposal? 

After asking for my dad’s blessing, Mason proposed on Christmas Eve in front of my entire family.

What is it about each other that you love most?

From Mason: The thing I love most about Alyx is that I always know that at the end of the day I’ve got someone in my corner
who will always be there for me, fight for me, make me laugh and fervently love me for the rest of my life.
From Alyx: Mason is my rock. He listens without judgment, he respects me and he showers me with unrelenting warmth and love.

Alyx and Mason’s wedding was made possible by the following vendors:
Venue: Mission Inn
Officiant: Jim Granger
Photography, Videography, Photobooth: Cean One Studios, Inc.
Makeup & Hair: Dollhouse Hair and Makeup
Floral Décor: Elizabeth of Riverside Mission Florist
DJ / Music: Alan Meade of 5 Star Mobile DJ
Cake: Baker’s Oven

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We have fallen head over heels with this couple you’re about to see… We had the pleasure of photographing their lovely engagement session last week
in Mission Trails. Rachael and Peter make the sweetest couple and their love for each other is sooo apparent and tender. The story of how they met will
melt your heart. Rachael was the nanny for a family in Temecula and Peter happened to be the karate instructor for the same kids.

They met through the family one day and they were pretty smitten right off the bat. Peter wanted to get to know Rachael right away and asked her on a
date but she refused! Peter was determined and persistent and asked a few more times and eventually Rachael was completely charmed by his sweetness.
She agreed to go on a date… Best decision ever!

The rest is history and Rachael and Peter… We cannot wait to be there this June to photograph your wedding ceremony at St. Martha’s Catholic Church
in Murrieta and Wedgewood in Fallbrook for your reception. xoxoxo Cean and the Team at Cean One Studios, Inc.

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